Before becoming a psychotherapist, I worked in documentary films. Starting as a runner in the early 80's, I moved on to produce and direct films, concerned with human rights'. Then my own experience of therapy and a keen interest in psychology led me to train as a psychotherapist.  I qualified in December 2000.  Now, as well as having a successful private practice, I work for the London Ambulance Service, NHS Trust, where I provide supervision for a staff peer support network. Psychotherapists and counsellors consult me for supervision in their work in both the public and private sector.  I provide coaching and coaching supervision.

To complement and support my work, I am developing a documentary film exploring self development, neuroscience, psychology and psychotherapy.


I am an accredited member of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).  My training incorporated a broad range of theories of psychology, psychotherapy and models of development.  I continue to study theories of psychology as well as spiritual disciplines and philosophy with a focus on their relevance to personal development. I studied Ethics and Philosophy at City University. In 2003 I trained as a clinical supervisor. I have practised yoga and tai chi for 15 years.  

I am committed to my own growth and development in a number of ways, including remaining in psychotherapy myself.

I am currently studying AVISION: THE WAY OF THE DREAM by Anthony Lunt.